The hospital petri dish: It’s never been just about Ebola

The CDC can only take control from local authorities in two circumstances: those authorities extend an invitation or there’s a total breakdown of law and order as outlined under the Insurrection Act.

Terrorism brand management: What’s in a name?

UPDATE: In the wake of terror attacks in Paris, Beirut and elsewhere, the world is struggling over not only how to defeat ISIS, but to identify a rallying point around which the world can gather against this existential threat that appears ubiquitous, but invisible. Today there is a reurgence of the term “Daesh,” or Da’ish, from Muslim scholars who say what the group is doing has…

I am here. Moral Monday, May 19, 2014

I took the opportunity to drive over to the now-famous Moral Monday protest in Raleigh. I asked folks “why are you here?”